Node.js framework showdown: express vs hapi vs restify

If you wonder which framework you should pick for your next node.js web project, this article will shed some light on three of the most popular node.js web frameworks.
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How to setup HTTP/2 support in Apache

As you might already know, HTTP/2 is the second major version of the HTTP network protocol and a big upgrade over the old HTTP/1.1 protocol. Let me tell you about its main benefits and how you can start supporting it !
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Building AJAX web applications with Laravel 5, Backbone and RequireJS

In this tutorial, we will build a single page app with Laravel 5 and Backbone.js. We're going to use an approach that will make the app work in case Javascript is disabled, because we will render full views (rather than partial views) for non-ajax requests.
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Using Laravel 5 within WordPress : Creating the backend

In this article, I will show you how to use Laravel in conjunction with WordPress. We will load the Laravel framework in the WordPress backend and use it to create new admin pages, whose data will be stored in new MySQL tables.
This way, we will still be able to take advantage of the WordPress basic content management system.
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